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January 2022

The CPI at all-time highs since 1992

According to the Spanish Institute of Statistics, 2021 closed with a CPI of 6.5%, one of the highest consumer price indices in the last 29 years. The value had not been as high since May 1992, when the CPI was 6.9%. If we consider that December 2020 closed the year with a CPI of -0.5%, we see that it is 7% higher than the same period of 2021. This increase is mainly due to the rise in electricity prices...

Solidarity Action of Calvet 2021

The Pandemic has left thousands of people without resources, forced to live on the street every day and look for something to eat. It will soon be two years since COVID-19 was made known, and more and more, we see how entire families have to find ways to survive with dignity month after month. For this reason, at CALVET, we feel the need, more than ever, to continue with our aid. We firmly believe that...

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