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Benefits of renting a flat with a real-estate agency

Renting a flat, either as an owner or as a tenant, can become a massive headache. You do not only need to spend time and resources, but you also need to know the contracting process and how to deal with any possible conflict or incident that may arise between tenant and lessor.

The mediation of a real-estate agency in the renting process may be a great relief for many users. These are some of the benefits of renting a flat with a real-state agency:

  • Professional service and personalized advice.
    A real estate agent will not only take care of setting up the visits, but he will also guide us and inform us about legal issues. He will also manage the necessary documentation more quickly, among other administrative tasks.
  • Security: Beware of frauds!
    Renting a flat with a known Agency will give us peace of mind knowing that the money we give when booking the property will be in good hands. It is crucial to study the Agency before handing in any money to avoid fraud. Ensure that it is an Agency, either by looking at their website, looking for their offices, etc. In doing this with an individual, we must be sure that we are renting the flat to its actual owner, asking for any document that proves it.
  • Data protection.
    When we book a flat, we send a lot of personal information such as identity documents, salary documentation, and bank accounts, which must be treated with the utmost discretion and by complying with the Data Protection Law. Think about who you are sending the information to!
  • Mediation.
    By acting as a third party, the real-estate Agent is more impartial and can make the owner and the future tenant reach an agreement in which both parties are satisfied. This is one of the primary and delicate aspects since it requires time and negotiating skills.
  • Peace of mind.
    Not signing a contract or accepting verbal agreements that the owner does not want to include in the deal is a big mistake that many people make because if it is not in written form, there are no guarantees that the agreement will be enforced. A real estate agent will draw the contract; he will make sure that the agreement clauses are not abusive and manage the deposit in front of INCASOL. Besides, in Calvet, we are property managers. We accompany the tenant during the whole agreement’s duration in those flats we manage by managing every incidence for the tenant’s and owner’s peace of mind.
  • Good state properties.
    In a market where there are sometimes more requests than offers, some owners do not take care of offering the property in a good state, complying with all the legal requirements. A real-estate agent intervention will guarantee that the property complies with the requirements to live in it.

In Fincas Calvet, we have been managing properties with the utmost rigorousness and professionalism possible for 70 years. Contact us if you need help to rent a property in Barcelona or if you are looking for one.

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