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COVID-19 restrictions update

On February the 8th, the Government applied new changes on restrictions that will last for 14 days and, since our mission is to keep our readers informed, we are offering you a summary of those changes:


  • New mobility limits, that it is now restricted to a Comarcal lockdown during the whole week. We may change “Comarca” only because of work, study, and medical reasons, aiding and caring for the elderly, and to travel to attend school; staying overnight is not allowed.
  • The night curfew remains the same from 10 pm, except in the event of force majeure and when fulfilling professional obligations.

Catering and hospitality

  • Establishments can accommodate 30% of their regular capacity indoors while there are no limits placed on outdoor seating. Tables must be 2 meters apart and only up to 4 people can sit at each table (6 in the case of household bubbles). They can offer their services to the public from 7:30 am to 10:30 am and from 1 pm to 4 pm. Outside of these time slots they can only offer their products for home delivery.


  • Establishments and premises that have more than 400 m2 sales remain closed. The rest of the establishments and premises will be closed on the weekends and bookstores will be able to open during weekends.


  • First-year students at the University will be able to resume a restricted on-site activity. The rest of the University students will continue with teaching done in a virtual format.
  • Music and dance schools that offer education to access higher formal education will be able to open again.


  • Sports facilities may be opened and used provided that they reduce their capacity at 30% and that the group activities are reduced to up to 6 people. Wearing a mask is mandatory and the changing rooms will be closed. Outdoor sporting activity is allowed with a maximum of six people.

Culture and leisure

  • Cinemas and theaters may be open at 50% capacity with a maximum cap of 500 people. If there is sufficient ventilation, the maximum cap is 1,000 people.
  • Public playground will be open until 8 pm, at 50% capacity only.

We will keep you updated about the changes and new measures approved, with the hope that we will be able to inform you soon that this pandemic is over. While we wait for that moment to arrive, we would like to remind you about the importance of keeping the security distance, wearing the recommended masks, washing your hands thoroughly, and, in case of any symptom, please, contact your doctor immediately.

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