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Is it possible to install a charging point for electric vehicles in my neighboring community?

An increasing number of people decide to buy an electric vehicle instead of a motor vehicle because of their awareness of the environment, its tax benefits, or other benefits related to maintenance and consumption savings.

Notwithstanding that, even though the new buildings are already incorporating electrical charging points in their garages, most of the collective garages do not offer this kind of service.

To regulate the installation of electrical charging points in collective spaces, the Catalan Civil Code in its Book V, Article 553-36-3 Use and benefit of the private elements:

“Those owners who intend to conduct construction works in its private element should previously notify the President or Condominium Manager. If the construction works alter collective elements, the agreement of the Meeting of Proprietors is mandatory. In the event of the installation of only one individual charging point for electric vehicles, it is only necessary to send the technical project 30 days before the beginning of the construction works and the relevant technical certification once the installation is finished to the President or the Manager. Within this timeframe, the community can present a reasonable alternative and more suitable to their general interests. If the alternative installation is not made effective within two months, the owner can complete the installation initially designed.”

If a user wants to install a charging point, he will only have to notify by written the neighboring community and the condominium manager. The user will integrally and individually pay the installation and its consumption costs. This could be made with a deviation from the main electric meter for the owner’s property to his parking lot. Suppose it is necessary to contract a new electrical line because the user does not own any property in the building or contract more electrical power. In that case, this will also be paid individually by him.

Nonetheless, there is also the possibility that the community decides to complete a backhaul installation with a primary meter and secondary meters at those charging points located in the parking lots whose owners ask for it. In this case, there will be a collective cost for the adaptation of the general installation. The electrical vehicle users will be the only ones to pay the electrical power cost consumed in these secondary meters.

People interested in installing a charging point in the collective garage should ask if they can benefit from any public aid available at that moment. They should also check the offers from the electrical companies or even ask the vehicle manufacturer if they have any discount for the installation or electricity consumption.

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