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Mandatory COVID passport in Catalonia

We’ve woken up with the news that the Government has decided that, as of today, it will be mandatory to present the COVID Passport to access some facilities in Catalonia. This decision has been motivated by the high risk of regrowth present in our Autonomous Community. The news of the rebound is of concern. Without going any further, EuropaPress published today that in the last 24 hours, 2,187 new cases were reported.

The possibility of expanding this measure, which already applied to the hospitality and nightlife sector, was being considered. However, because of recent events, it has been necessary to extend it to other industries.

Scientists such as Antoni Trilla, Head of Epidemiology at the Hospital Clinic de Barcelona, ​​commented in an interview for Catalunya Radio “requesting the COVID Passport in closed spaces reduces the chances of contagion.”

Where should we present the COVID passport?

  • To access bars and restaurants (inside).
  • To access sports centers and gyms.
  • To access nightlife venues and music festivals (indoors).
  • To access events in hotels and restaurants in closed venues.
  • To access residences for the elderly.

How to get the COVID passport?

  • Through the App la Meva Salut.
  • Through the Web
  • In person at your CAP, presenting your health card and identification.

How to present the COVID passport?

  • Printed on a sheet.
  • Or in digital format

It is important to continue the hygiene measures, maintain a safe distance, use masks in closed spaces and take care of ourselves to take care of our own.

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Update: After the collapse suffered on Friday in La Meva Salut, it is currently operating normally, although there is a bit of a wait to enter.

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