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One year of the rental law of Catalonia

September 22 marks the first anniversary of the “Law on urgent measures on income containment in housing lease contracts” enforcement. This law regulates rental prices in 60 municipalities in Catalonia, which have been declared as “Areas with a tense housing market.”

This measure continues to give a lot to talk about since last0 June the Central Government appealed it by claiming that it violates state powers. However, it has not requested its suspension, and it will remain in force until further notice. Various sources indicate that the reason lies in the draft of the future Housing Law that the Ministry of Transport, Mobility, and Urban Agenda intends to carry out soon.

The Council of Ministers had planned to discuss this new proposal last February. However, after 7 months it still has not happened, although recently the government has promised to approve the Housing Law before December 31.

The fact that generates more debate is whether this Catalan Law has had an effect or not. Because of the pandemic, it is not possible to define whether the fluctuations in the market have been due to this measure or the COVID-19 socio-economic imbalance. If we compare it with cities like Madrid, where there are also areas with a tense housing market not regulated by this law, they have also felt the impact on rents with results similar to those of Barcelona.

Meanwhile, the Barcelona City Council has approved in the municipal council, to renew the declaration of Market Area with tense housing, for the City of Barcelona, as indicated by the norm.


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