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The price of electricity at historic highs

It is not news that the price of light has skyrocketed to incredibly high prices, and there is no talk of anything else. And it is not for less, since, only in October 4 records have been broken. Without going any further, on October 7, the megawatt-hour (MWh) reached € 288.53, and according to EpData, it has been the most expensive in the Spanish wholesale market since 1998.

In fact, the price of electricity is almost 7 times higher than last year, on 10/07/2020, the maximum cost was 43.02€.

That does not mean that we pay almost 7 times more on the electricity bill since it depends on many factors such as the contracted rate, the sections in which more energy is consumed, and whether we are in the free or regulated market. Still, we are seeing the bills go up month by month.

To better understand it, the cost of electricity fluctuates. These price increases, mainly due to the rise in gas prices in international markets and CO2 rights, are marking these historic increases in the price of electricity.

 The uncertainty of what will happen and how long electricity prices will keep rising leaves no one indifferent. Hence, it is advisable to review the contracted rate and consider the new electricity rates that came into force in June this year.

Next Sunday, 31, we will change the time to take advantage of more sunlight and thus alleviate, even minimally, energy expenditure. That is to say that at 3 am it will be 2 am, allowing us to have one more hour of sun a day.

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