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Why should you hire a Property Manager?

We know what a Property Manager is, but we know little about their tasks and all the benefits we can enjoy when employing services these professionals offer. The truth is that they help us save time, money, and many headaches. Here is why.

A Property Manager can offer:


They will give their objective opinion independent of any link to owners, so they will be of great assistance in conflict resolutions. This impartiality is key to reach an agreement.

Arbitration, interrelation, and intercommunication with the neighbors

Being an outside figure, they look for solutions and can arbitrate the differences or conflicts that may arise between neighbors to reach a balance. In fact, during this pandemic, we have observed that the Property Manager has become even more necessary. Because of the lockdown restrictions, we have been forced to stay at home and change our routines; so the communities have been more alive than ever, for better and for worse, and the presence of the Manager has been key to maintain peace and balance amongst the neighbors.


Being that they are aware of the Catalan Civil Code legal obligations and that they are informed about any new legislation, they offer to the community the necessary advice to implement the necessary changes to cover every possible incident. They guarantee the compliance of all those obligations with the Tax Agency, insurance management, and mandatory inspections. We cannot forget about Occupational Risk Prevention, since compliance with the regulation is mandatory, even if the community of neighbors does not have any permanent staff, it is mandatory to monitor any worker who works on the building.


The presence of a qualified professional will give peace of mind and security regarding the management of the community since they take care of every procedure, paperwork, and legal action. We are a profession that does not force its workers to be a part of a professional association, however, the fact of hiring an Associated Manager allows the community to defend themselves against practices that could be considered harmful to their rights. The Property Managers Association in Barcelona and Lleida offer its associates civil liability insurance. We also recommend that your Property Manager has civil liability insurance for the acts that they could perform and that could be harmful to the Community.


At present, the figure of the Property Manager is essential to keep close monitoring of the owners’ earnings and expenses. The existing problem regarding the delay in payments, the properties of bank entities that stop paying the community receipts, and the insolvency situation of some neighbors. This is why, from the financial point of view, it is necessary to work with a professional who monitors earnings, expenses, and invoicing.


A Manager will look for the best quality-price rapport when looking for industrial workers, for the execution of construction work, in the best possible way at the minimum possible cost and with the best guarantees. For this search they will not take only into account the financial aspect, but also the best service at the minimum cost that offers the necessary guarantees, looking for a balance between quality and price. This is also valid for selecting one provider over another if they offer the same coverage since it is important to correctly assess every aspect of the service to avoid issues and unnecessary costs.

The presence of an Associated Property Manager allows the owners to delegate their tasks and that they only need to be alert of the decision makings with the relief that they will be in good hands. In Calvet we are associated experts in Property Management and we have 70 years of experience in this field. Call us or visit us, we will be glad to advise you.

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